What you need to know about online dating

As you already know; Singleactive makes meeting others easy and safe by giving members the opportunity to connect online as with other dating sites, along with the option to make real life encounters through “Singlefriendly” events. Even still, knowing the ins and outs of online dating can help enhance your experience in every way and even up your chances of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right sooner.

The following is what you need to know about online dating so that you get the best experience possible when looking for love online.

Safety First

Your safety should always come first when it comes to online dating and there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Spending time communicating with someone online, can make you feel as if you know your date well before you even meet in person; we tend to project our own hopes and expectations into these exchanges. The reality is that until you’ve spent time together, you will not know if the mutual attraction and chemistry will be there in real life.

Singleactive members have put the time and effort into signing up and paid for a membership, which does express a genuine desire to meet someone. Even still, it is important to protect yourself by using caution and common sense:

Don’t give out personal details
By personal details we mean information such as your telephone number, your place of business, your address, or any other information that can be used to track you down by someone you may not want to see again.
Always meet in a public place
Have your own transportation
Inform a friend or family member
Use common sense

Create a Profile That Reflects Who You Are

Getting off on the right foot in love and in all relationships, really, requires honesty. You want to meet someone that will love you for you and your online dating profile is a big part of that when dating this way.

When creating your profile be as genuine as possible so that potential dates know who you are and what you’re looking for. Don’t worry about writing what you think others want to read or embellishing the truth to try to impress anyone as this will only get in the way of finding someone that’s right for you.

Use the following tips for creating your best possible profile:

Use a current photo that clearly represents what you look like now

Profiles with pictures have been proven to get considerably more responses. Choose a photo that’s up-to-date and flattering.

Be upfront about what you’re looking for
Be genuine

Understand Your Membership and Options

There’s more to online dating than just slapping together a profile and waiting for someone to reply!

Learn about the services offered and use them to your advantage. This is important with any dating site that you might choose to use. In the case of Singleactive; you can choose from different options (meeting on your own or connecting through special trips and activities, or both). Choose the options that make the most sense for you based on your budget, preferences, and comfort level.

Not all dating site memberships are the same, so it’s important to know what you’re getting and to protect yourself. Most sites will automatically renew your membership and bill you for it; often times long after you’ve moved on and are no longer interested in the service. Singleactive does not do this and offers you the option to renew only if you want, but unless you read the fine print and take time to understand your membership, you might not know this.

Signing up for an online dating service is an investment of your time and money into finding likeminded people to connect with, so choose wisely, know what you’re getting, and learn how to make the most of what is offered.

Enjoy the Experience!

Even a date with someone you end up not having chemistry with is still an experience to enjoy. Make the most of your dating by keeping an open mind and enjoying all of the new people and experiences that come your way when dating online. Every date gets you one step closer to finding love and enriches your life. Enjoy every beautiful, exciting moment!