On-line encounters, real life activities

Choosing Singleactive means finally treating yourself to two quality services; one is more “personal and private” while the other is more “extrovert”. Enjoy them separately or interconnected.

The Singleactive platform provides all the facilities to encourage more intimate encounters between members while offering them an excellent social calendar.

What makes Singleactive different from other platforms for meeting singles is the chance to use two separate services:

  •          The on-line contact system for matchmaking according to your profile
  •          Activities and leisure appropriate to your sensibility

Suggestions for activities to share between Singles

Singleactive proposes quality activities organised by its partners

  •          Search for activities by several criteria (place, type of activity, date, language spoken)
  •          Consult the lists of people who are interested in activities
  •          On-line registration and payment

A unique system for suggesting contacts

  •          Making contact through your profile indications and your interests
  •          Suggesting contacts through your search criteria

Profile and photo management

  •          Profile management (description, interests, etc.)
  •          User account management (e-mail, password)
  •          Choice of language (the site is available in French, German, Italian and English)
  •          Personalised profile photo or use of the default avatar, your profile photo is only visible for your contacts    
  •          Photo albums visible only to your contacts or to all site members as per your personal choice    

An intuitive system to manage and search contacts

Singleactive proposes an advanced search system so you can find members who meet your criteria.

  •          Advanced search based on several criteria
  •          You can combine criteria (AND / OR / ALL)
  •          You can reject certain criteria

Internal communication tools

  •          An internal messaging service for private exchange
  •          Alerts to inform you about new requests for contacts or new messages

Attractive subscription management system

Certain Dating sites renew subscriptions automatically. This is not Singleactive’s policy, which concentrates particularly on its members’ satisfaction and pleasure.

  •          Several types of subscription period
  •          On-line or bank transfer payment
  •          Notification sent before your subscription runs out
  •          Subscription renewal exclusively at a member’s own initiative

Advanced security and confidentiality functions

Singleactive respects your private life and proposes security and confidentiality functions to let you choose freely what you are going to share; and with whom.

  •          An anonymous pseudo automatically created by the system
  •          A profile photo visible only to your own contacts   
  •          Photo albums visible only to your own contacts or to all site members as per your personal choice   
  •          End of contact and profile blocking      
  •          Reporting inappropriate behaviour by other members